Transforming Tomorrow, Today: Empowering Minds, Embracing Circularity


AI4Green SME merges AI with Circular Economy, training SME managers for sustainable practices. Beyond education, we foster a community emphasizing lifelong learning, ethical AI use, and strategic partnerships.

The Challenge

Navigating AI integration in Circular Economy poses a hurdle for SMEs. Our mission is to empower managers, fostering collaboration for lifelong learning and ethical AI use.

Key Concepts

AI refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. ΑΙ4Green aims to train SMEs on AI in order to enhance their Digital Skills and prepare them for entering the digital transformation.

The development of knowledge, abilities, and values to contribute to a sustainable future and a healthy environment. These skills will also be part of the training of SMEs during the AI4GreenSME project to help them with green transition.

Refers to digital competences, which encompass the skills, knowledge, and attitudes required to use digital technologies effectively. This model will be part of AI4GreenSME training material.

Represents competences related to green practices and sustainability, focusing on environmental awareness and eco-friendly approaches. This model will be part of AI4GreenSME training material.

Involves business models designed to promote circular economy principles, such as resource efficiency, waste reduction, and product reuse. Our goal in AI4GreenSME is to prepare EU SMEs to engage in the circular economy.

Target Groups

01 Managers Equip your leadership team with AI skills for sustainable decision-making. Our project offers targeted training to drive circular economy practices in SMEs.
02 Chambers Revolutionize business practices within your chamber. Join us in empowering members with AI tools, fostering innovation, and championing sustainable solutions.
03 Business Stakeholders Drive the circular economy revolution. Engage with our project to discover the benefits of AI integration, fostering collaboration and sustainable business practices.
04 C-VET Providers Transform C-VET education with our tailored AI curriculum. Collaborate with us to prepare the workforce for circular economy challenges.
05 Local Communities Empower your community for sustainable growth. Connect SMEs with AI-driven circular economy solutions, creating a resilient and prosperous local ecosystem.

Basic Objectives

Providing AI training to SMEs to promote the transition toward the circular economy.
Define set of competencies
Test and validate a training
Create collaborative tools
Promote data management and circular businesses
Ease the professional reconversion and inclusion


Research Method

AI4Green Competence Profile

National Reports on Research

AI4Green Competence Profile


AI4Green Competence Profile

Development of the AI4Green Training Pack

AI4GreenSME Online Platform

Collaborative Activities

Creation of an AI4Green Network

Recommendations for Implementation of AI4Green Training Programme

Creation of an AI4Green Network

Report on Piloting Activity

Creation of an AI4Green Network

Plan for the Creation of AI4GreenSME Network

Creation of an AI4Green Network